Goth Store - has put off my order for over a month.

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i ordered a necklace from on april 6th. three weeks later i started calling. first "justin" said that his werehouse was out of stock, and they would get they're new order in on april 26th, and that i would get it by may 1st. i didnt get it. so i called again, and again...sometimes getting an answer.

so far "justin" has refunded the shipping cost, and upgraded me first to priority shipping, and now to overnight shipping. now its may 12th, and i have yet to get anything. two days ago i called and "justin" said that he would call back by the end of the day, and he never called back. so i called yesterday, about 10 different time, without an answer. today i called and left a message requesting a full refund.

and have not gotten any response.

i will never order from ever again. this has just been the stupidist this to go through, for a $12 necklace!

Review about: Celtic Wolf Necklace.



i just looked threw the site and noticed alot more expensive id take the $12 hit and move on and not even waste your time with justin.

maybe send the site a link to this page or send it to their facebook (dunno enough about facebook to know if you can post it on their page).to bad most people wont read this til they also have a problem


Thats because they don't have a "warehouse". It's the typical 'goth' losers-wanna-be's in 'mommy's basement' in a TRACT HOUSE right off the freeway!

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